Digital Augustan Rome

Detail of 1:6000 map of Augustan Rome

Mapping Augustan Rome was an attempt to visualize as well as to document the city of Rome as it existed in A.D. 14. The project sought to bring together the archaeological, historical and literary evidence for the Augustan city, and resulted in a volume as well as maps.

The digital version brings together many sources of data on Augustan Rome not included in the book or in the paper maps. The gathering of new information and its conversion to a digital format will give a new kind of resource for the study of the Augustan city. The resulting digital successor will not only serve future scholars and students but will have the capability of being revised and updated.

Purchase Hard Copies of Augustan Rome Maps

The Archaeological Mapping Lab has received many requests from around the world for hard copies of the maps produced for the publication Mapping Augustan Rome. Large format paper color copies of the 1:3000 and 1:6000 maps are available for sale. The 1:3000 map is 36 × 26 in. and the 1:6000 map is 44 × 35 in. The 1:6000 map can be purchased for $75.00 and the 1:3000 map for $45.00, or both of the maps together for $100.00 (postage is not included in the price). Please contact the Director of the Lab, Dr. David Gilman Romano, if you would like to purchase hard copies of the maps. Please put “Purchase Digital Augustan Rome Maps” as the subject heading.

Download Digital Augustan Rome Contour Data – Free

The file associated with the topography of Augustan Rome was created in AutoCAD 2009, which can be viewed or imported into many software programs – DOWNLOAD TOPOGRAPHIC DATA. Please reference Digital Augustan Rome if you intend to reproduce the work of Mapping Augustan Rome, Digital Augustan Rome or of the Archaeological Mapping Lab.